Thursday, September 6, 2012


#smiling,my fingers cant wait to start dancing on the keyboard#

shall i start the post with a scream because of the overloaded bored was finally installed  in my brain a few days ago. ok.full stop. actually nadia, u've another fantabulous solution to delete all the sucking-minded that have been installed to ur mind, believe me! naah, whats the point printed out all the chapters of harun yahya's ebook? read laa syg..  thats ur staple diet right?

oh ok, aku dah start babbling all the way..agak-agak ade sampai melaka tak? =)

in the name of ALLAH,
the reason i write the post this time is to express the unexplained feeling that was kept deeply in my heart. The positive one.

The first-date with my bestie after 2 years . What i remember most, the rant that we did in front of  'tasek'(ok i donno to called it what) while waiting the klcc to 'fully' open. We spilled every things. What u do. What i do. How was ur 'raya'. How was ur life. Rewind back all those unforgettable  memories that we left behind. Then, the fountains start to do their job. impress the viewer with their beautifully 'dancing' skill. Means the klcc is starts working-all the worker will start to do their routine. 

First step, donno where to go. Walk-walk and walk. Then she start to look for the map. Frankly speaking, I am the foreigner of the day,that was the first-actually two times of my stepped onto KLCC.  The decision has made. We are going to the KINOKUNIYA first. Belief me, that was the first time I went there.  And finally 'for one more day' by Mitch Albom was successfully be mine. She was actually suggested to me to read the Albom's books. " All the Albom's book  were splendid. He wrote his feeling on his books. It will make you wistful, sometimes it will make you smile and it will make you blink back tears of nostalgia"

An hour later, Petrosains was our next 'visit-ing'. The exploring moment was really-really exciting. thought that was the 'rumah-hantu' for the first impression. The dark surrounding and the sound in the 'cute and black car' really make us in intimidated situation. But, after that...the rest was really unforgettable moment, we 'try' every single things. We touch here and there. Everythings was FUN. The going down from the oil rig platform-the escape way to safe ur life~that was fantastic. "lets try, but u wear a 'jubah'". Thats not the big problem for me, i've done some preparation for that kind xtvt. 
without realized, almost 2 hours we were in the 'exploring mood', and the end of the journey was long- away- to- finish. "do u know what time it is?" she asked me.

the illusion zone

trying so hard to solve the puzzle

my turn!

their turn

T-rex just behind you!

some of the science show

this is awesome..

I think I've to stop here, the rest is history.... the accidently meetup with 'uncle' Iraq with his brother while having our lunch. The experience talking-chatting with them were really awesome. "Sir, so far, hows Malaysia"she asked~"Malaysia is a beautiful country"! so, i am proud to be malaysian! and proud to be MUSLIM too.

psst: I am not going to write the whole post in english actually, sbbnya aku tau english aku memang teruk. tapi.. who cares! at least i put some effort to improve the language..  pd 'a she', thanksssss for the 'light'.. cute just like the 'new owner'!=D

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