Thursday, July 12, 2012

# if u need me #

if u need me,
call me..
 i don't care if i'm sleeping,
if i'm having my own problems
or i'm angry at u.

if u need me and need to talk to me,
i'll always be there if u need me..
no matter how small or how big your problem is,
i'll be there...

* the lovey-dovey-extra-super-power(ok enough!)
ayt kt atas, from the-sweet-person to the-more-sweeter-person in a sweet-day by the sweet time!
pada a 'she', thank you for always be by my side,
no matter how hard it is,
no matter how far u're,
your name will  always be in my heart, insyaALLAH...
hey u! yes u! a 'she'...   once again, u make me down memory land..

'kolam hati' ini untuk kamu -iFikr-

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