Saturday, October 16, 2010

just a rant II

salam sejahtera pembuka bicara....

three days holiday make me miss the uni life
just three days!!!!
am i crazy.....haha
i'm in love with the bus...
not the 'pak cik bus'!!!
really2 miss my momentary sea of humanity,
that riding the crest of its wave,just like a roller coaster..hehe
and sometime just slow like a turtle...
its rattles delight me, its smells,
the crush of its people and their bags....
i really2 miss that moment and it will happen again next monday.....
and just after that,
i felt terribly jaded...
but i love it!!!
and still, my RUHUL JADID will always be my main purpose...

nota kaki: haha nothing to say...just a rant...rant without any sound...opss maybe a little sound of dancing finger on the keyboard... SMILE always although your heart is hurts... because of your smile, you can make other smile and feel happy.... so SMILE!!!

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